Samsung Galaxy S5 (G900H) changing CSC code

Please note that I held no responsibility if you damage your phone, brick it or anything! This was made based on my own experience.

Hi, just thought I share my experience in changing CSC code. Initially I purchased my S5 with XSE (Indonesian) CSC code. Not having the patient for lollipop, I flashed Kazakhastan ROM and my CSC code changed to SKZ. After several months, samsung decided to release lollipop for XSE region and I flashed to it but was stuck with XXV (Vietnam). Not sure what happened but it seems that it takes the first code in the multi-CSC rom. Anyway this had me frustrated for a couple of months. So without further ado, here is the steps:
1. Download requirements:
-Download the BOC3 indian ROM: G900HXXU1BOC3_G900HODD1BOC3_G900HXXU1BOAD_HOME.tar .md5 (must be this ROM – this rom allows change CSC code without root)
-Download your country ROM (for my example is G900HXXU1BOD3_G900HOLB1BOD1_G900HXXU1BOCA_HOME.tar .md5)
-Download and install Cygwin – or any app which can modify .tar files, but lets use Cygwin for this case
-Download and install Odin 3.09 or higher (to flash ROMs)
2. Flash the indian ROM (G900HXXU1BOC3_G900HODD1BOC3_G900HXXU1BOAD_HOME.ta r.md5) to your device
3. While waiting for the ROM to flash, open your country rom, remove .md5 at the end so the name will be from G900HXXU1BOD3_G900HOLB1BOD1_G900HXXU1BOCA_HOME.tar .md5 to G900HXXU1BOD3_G900HOLB1BOD1_G900HXXU1BOCA_HOME.tar
4. Open the G900HXXU1BOD3_G900HOLB1BOD1_G900HXXU1BOCA_HOME.tar with winzip or winrar, extract cache.img and hidder.img and place in home folder of Cygwin
5. Open cygwin and type the following:
tar -H ustar -cf csc.tar cache.img hidden.img
6. Test the indian rom, open dialer and type *#272*your-imei-number# – a selection of CSC should appear meaning that the ROM can change CSC without root
7. Flash in Odin, put the csc.tar in CSC and flash – this will not trip knox – I have tried this myself
8. Boot your phone, open dialer and type *#272*your-imei-number# – from here more codes should appear including the ones included in the csc.tar file
9. Select your country code (in this case I selected XSE) and it will automatically reboot
10. Shut down and check your CSC in bootloader (hold power + up + home) it should be correct now
11. Flash your country rom, clear cache and everything and voila!

Please also note that this guide should work on other devices as long as the device has a rom with *#272*your-imei-number# enabled without root

Hope this helps!

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Windows Phone Development

Starting Windows Phone 7 development is quite a hassle if you are from Windows Mobile 3 to 6.5 as the resource management has changed significantly. If you develop for android, the main resources you need to handle are stored in res/layout, res/value and src/com.nameofapp in WP7 the resources are stored in a single folder similar to WM 3 to 6.5 but managed as:

App.xaml and App.xaml.cs – the main flow of the app
Pages.xaml and Pages.xaml.cs – may be multiple files which containts the layout (xaml file) and code behind (xaml.cs file)

The main concept if you are a starter and need only basic app is, mainly you interact with the only pages file and let the main flow handle itself. Think of it as ASP.NET for web but you are compiling it as WP7 native app and your UI are composed as “stacks” in stackpanel throughout the UI for title, content, etc which will be browsable by user by flicking up and down.

To build a WP7 app, the main tools you need are the following:

  • WP7 Developer Tools (link is a full iso instead of a download install)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (any version, Express will do)
  • Microsoft Expression Blend 4 (optional if you want to expand default theme and create your own buttons and others)

From there on you can start building Windows Phone 7 apps!

Please note however, that to be able to publish apps for Windows Phone 7 you will need to publish it via marketplace (you must pay a fee for it annually) as there are no other way to publish it.

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Android Application: Angkutan Umum

I’ve finally released an android application named Angkutan Umum, you can download the apk file to install to your device here:

Application description:

This application allows you to find a public transportation in Jabodetabek (Jakarta Bogor Depok Tangerang and Bekasi) area from your location or any location to a certain destination. Enter your location and your destination and the application will display the list of available bus to take.

Once the application is opened, click on ‘menu’ and select ‘Perbaharui Data’ and allow some time to download the data, then close and reopen the application to begin use.

Deskripsi Aplikasi:

Aplikasi ini membolehkan anda mencari angkutan umum di Jabodetabek dari lokasi anda atau lokasi mana saja menuju ke lokasi tujuan yang anda inginkan. Masukkan lokasi anda dan tujuan anda maka aplikasi ini akan menampilkan daftar bis apa saja yang dapat anda naiki.

Saat anda membuka aplikasi, klik ‘menu’ dan pilih ‘Perbaharui Data’ dan perbolehkan beberapa waktu untuk mengunduh data, lalu tutup dan buka lagi aplikasi agar anda dapat segera memulai.

For the time being, I haven’t found a way to publish it in the android market without having to pay, I will let you know once I have.

This is the main screen, perform search here

This screen shows the list of transportation and its route

From this screen, you can see what transport is available at a location

This application was developed using Eclipse and the Android SDK while I learn how to program with java:) Tested only on virtual machine and Google Nexus One, please feel free to leave comments on what device are you using and let me know if there are issues.

Please leave your comments and feedback, hopefully from time to time I can improve the application. Thanks and enjoy!

App Inventor

So last week I was tempted to start developing apps for android. Now that I got the hang of it and things just got interesting, suddenly the App Inventor from google said my account was activated.

Well I think I’ll try to focus on the current development before trying out the App Inventor.

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Android Development

After having my first android device, the Google Nexus One (well not actually not my first device since I had Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700 prototype some time ago for testing) I have decided to start learning development on android devices.

The market possibility for android is huge knowing that the rapid growth of the device. Since android is an ‘open’ operating system for mobile phones, a lot of vendors are adopting this operating system including HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, etc. so you can imagine how many device will support this operating system. If that happens, the opportunity for applications developed for android is huge.

I will post my development here, hopefully you can enjoy and perhaps try and please do post comments so we can share knowledge in this! Thanks for reading!

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Migration from Blogger

So instead of the usual blog in blogger/blogspot I decided to migrate to wordpress because of one reason: wordpress supports numbers of mobile devices which allows me to check comments and post directly from my phone instead of the traditional open dashboard etc process. Another reason that wordpress is better is more support for mobile device so posts can be rendered better. So here we are, thanks for reading.

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Mac OSX: Changing Login Screen Desktop Picture

It would look odd whenever you lock your screen (showing Login Window) it will show the default desktop picture instead of your customized desktop picture. To change the default desktop picture, you will need to know where your picture is stored. Open the terminal from Application>Utilities and type the following:

  • cd /System/Library/CoreServices
  • sudo mv DefaultDesktop.jpg DefaultDesktop_original.jpg
  • sudo cp Path/image.jpg DefaultDesktop.jpg
Thats it! you’ve just renamed the original desktop picture used in Login Windows to DefaultDesktop_original.jpg and copied your image from Path\image.jpg as DefaultDesktop.jpg. Have fun!